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A.M. Precision is a family owned business, which started in 1994. Redline Basillistic brings you custom hard cast bullets to San Diego from Willits California since 1994. In January 2014, A.M. Precision developed AMC polymer coated bullets. These projectiles were tested in a diversified list of hands guns with, and has proven to have much success in the business as a leading manufacturer. A.M. Precision offer three kinds of colors of AMC polymer coasted projectile, which are red, grey, and black. As the original manufacturer for lead hard cast projectiles, which is a 20 Brinell hardness, A.M. Precision is license FFL Type 06, for small arms ammunications of AMC coated bullets. 


Am Precision offers to customize your bullets size. We also offer the service of casting the bullet for you with your very own lead. This service saves a great deal of money for customers. For ammunition, we offer all types of services like: brass processes, brass cleaning, ammunition reloading, etc. If you have purchased bullets from previous supplier and you are having problems, Am Precision can help you with some of your issues. We can help check for proper bullet diameter or help with required resizing.




6035 Fairmount Avenue

San Diego, CA. 92120

Tel: 619-280-9763

Fax: 619-425-5648

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